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    How to Make Traveling with a Dog Stress Free

    Written by Nick Burton

    We all need to take a break now and again, and yes, that includes our four-legged best friend. Unfortunately, traveling with a dog can result in stress for all involved, and many of us may be too hesitant to give it a try. Yet, with the right preparations, you and your pet can have the time of your lives as you explore somewhere new together.

    Find the Best Destination

    Bringing your pooch along for a vacation means you’ll need to be careful when selecting your destination. Luckily, there are plenty of options, both in the states and internationally, that welcome traveling pups. No matter what type of environment you’re hoping to explore — be it a beach, mountains, or forests — there is a place just for you. When considering a destination, one of your priorities must be to find activities that you and your dog can do together so they won’t be stuck inside while you enjoy yourself.

    Plan Your Journey

    Now that you have a destination in mind, you can sit down and plan out your journey with your pooch. Depending on the location, you may have the option of taking your dog on a road trip with you, but if you’re going overseas, you’ll have to book a flight. When doing so, contact the airline to establish if they allow dogs of your size, and clarify what documents are required. If you’re going by car, you must know where you can stop to get some fresh air and give your dog some exercise. Lastly, you’ll also want your pup to be comfortable and safe, so they’ll need a crate or harness to keep them from being injured in an accident.

    Look for Accommodation

    Unfortunately, you cannot assume that a hotel or rental will be willing to accept a dog. This means you need to take extra steps to ensure your pup will have a place to rest. You can look up different venues and call them to ask, but you should get any reassurances in writing, such as in an email. Otherwise, there are websites that specialize in finding pet-friendly vacation accommodation. Even Airbnb has a way to only search for properties that allow pets, but contact the host to tell them your breed, as they may have a pet themselves.

    Safety Preparations

    When you’re in a strange and new environment, you must take special precautions when planning for your pet’s safety. You’ll need to be certain that your ID tags and microchip are updated with their current information and double check that they have all the shots they need. It might be wise, as well, to have a first aid kit on hand since you cannot guarantee that an accident won’t happen while you’re out adventuring with your pup.

    Fun Activities Together

    You’re not on vacation to stay in your hotel and enjoy the air conditioning. It’s a good idea to plan out activities to do together, like going on hikes, taking a doggy yoga course, or visiting cafes welcoming to canine friends. Of course, Spot is going to need exercise — even when on vacation — so look up dog parks ahead of time. This way, they can run around to their heart’s content, so long as you have taken preparations, and don’t let your furball out of your sight. As always, it’s polite to clean up after them, so have doggy bags with you no matter where you go.

    Going on vacation with your dog can be a dream come true. You’re traveling with your best friend and giving them an experience of a lifetime. Just make sure you plan out your voyage ahead of time to ensure you can handle any situation that comes your way.

    Image courtesy of Pixabay

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